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Revival and Me

Beginning on September 26th our church will host 4 days of revival meetings.

We will be blessed to have leading us Dr. Jim Richards, the executive director of the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. Dr. Richards is also our former associational missionary here in NWABA and known by many of us. As we approach these series of meetings God has placed on my heart our real need for corporate revival. I sense a hunger and longing for greater intimacy with the Lord and a profound desire for His manifested presence in our corporate gatherings.

It is my understanding of revival history and church history that corporate revival is something that takes place when we as individuals seek a great move of God in our own personal lives. The culmination of our doing this as individuals finds fruition in what God is seemingly doing in our congregational meetings. Certainly we all long to see many saved, but revival is more about you and me getting our hearts and lives in alignment with the heart of God and the life of His dear Son.When this takes place people are drawn in greater numbers to the cross and salvation. When revival comes people get right with one another, they pray more, they fast, they witness, they give more, not only of their finances but also of their time and talent. When revival comes people love more – they love Jesus and others in a greater capacity!

What is a good definition of revival? The following definitions serves a great purpose in teaching us what revival really is and perhaps what it is not:

“Revival is that sovereign work of God in which He visits His own
people, restoring and releasing them into the fullness of His
blessing.” – Robert Coleman

“Revival is a return to spiritual health after a period of decline
into sin and broken fellowship with God… Revival is for God’s people
when they need to be forgiven and restored to life, spiritual health,
and vitality” -Blackaby & King (Fresh Encounter, Lifeway, 1993)

“Revival is an extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit producing
extraordinary results.” – Richard Owen Roberts

My own definition is this – “Revival is God working in and through me
in a fresh and powerful way in which the joy and purpose of my
salvation is made fully known, not only to me, yet to those around me”

Look in the Bible. Notice how many times it says, “me” or “us” when
speaking of revival. Here are some examples:

Psalm 119:156: “Great are Thy mercies, O Lord; Revive me according to
Thine ordinances”

Psalm 119:37: “Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity, And revive me
in Thy ways.”

Psalm 119:88: “Revive me according to Thy lovingkindness, So that I
may keep the testimony of Thy mouth”

Psalm 85:6: “Wilt Thou not Thyself revive us again, That Thy people
may rejoice in Thee?”

Habbakuk 3:2: “Lord, I have heard the report about Thee and I fear. O
Lord, revive Thy work in the midst of the years, In the midst of the
years make it known; In wrath remember mercy”

Like the old song says, “It’s me, it’s me O Lord, standing in the need
of prayer.”

Revival begins with and ends with me. Would you join me this month in
praying for and seeking revival in your own life and the life of
your church. These are desperate times and the need is as great as it
has ever been – Lord send REVIVAL – and let it begin in me!