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Go, Send…or Disobey

Our Purpose and Mission…the Nations

It has been heard said on more than one occasion in Southern Baptist church’s “Who is the Lottie Moon and when will we get her paid off?” Although it may be a funny premise, the truth is that she won’t be paid off until the Lord returns! The Lottie Moon offering for International Missions is the yearly offering taken up by Southern Baptists for the purpose of world evangelization. Every dollar given to LM goes directly to the foreign mission field. Not one penny is kept for other causes. Our church celebrates this offering in a wonderful and unique way in and that we will designate one evening for an in gathering of our offering and as a church we will bring our gift to the alter and as a church family offer it to the Lord and to the cause of world missions. I love how we do this! As we all are beginning to pray about and focus on what the Lord would have us to give I thought I would offer some statistics to help direct our thoughts and prayers.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Great Commission Resurgence Task Force reported that some 6 billion of the 6.8 billion people in the world are without Christ and over 3.5 billion have never heard the Gospel. In North America alone, 258 million are lost. In the unevangelized world, there are 20,500 full-time Christian workers and 10,200 foreign missionaries. In the evangelized non-Christian world, there are 1.31 million full-time Christian workers. That means we have apx one million Christian workers devoted to penetrating the darkness. However, when you consider the 6 billion that need Jesus then you begin to get an idea of the great need. Also, understand that in those statistics there is no distinction between and evangelical witness and that of someone who may not truthfully present the gospel. In SOuthern Baptist life we have a little over 5000 full time vocational missionaries on the field. This is startling! We must set our faces like flint towards the task of reaching the nations! We have the answer and we have the means of getting it done! THen what is the problem? Why is it “The least of these” are often the least on our thoughts and efforts? Well, for one thing the devil hates missions! He will do anything and everything to stop it. He will convince us that we cannot give and we must not go. This is a lie and a deception – The church has been called to GO! In fact, God has COMMANDED IT! God will never call His people to a task that He has not also equipped and empowered them to accomplish. SOmetimes we are just apathetic or to busy to think or act. Here is the reality that faces us…Hell is real, the lost will spend an eternity confined to it in suffering and separation, The Lord Jesus died so they would not have to, and the church has been given the mandate to make the story known! It is our privilege, honor and responsibility to do so. We really can make a difference. You can really make a difference. Give to Lottie Moon, support the Cooperative Program, support our own short term mission efforts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, better yet – Go on mission! All of these efforts are what we are called to – it is our MISSION. One man summed it up this way – “We give, we send, we go, or…we disobey, these are our choices” AMEN and AMEN! I pray God will grant you and yours a joyous and blessed Christmas – and may we all be reminded that we go… because He gave! It is our mission, it is our purpose. Here is a video to help us focus on the need and the call!